Shipping the COVID-19 Vaccine:
A Look at the Logistical Challenges by Cold Chain Industry Experts

This special report takes a deep dive into the Covid-19 vaccine supply chain. Featuring excerpts from exclusive interviews with key industry members. Take a sneak peek below and sign up to download the entire pdf.

At this point in mid-2021, the outlook for meeting the pandemic’s challenges looks bright, but there are still numerous dark clouds and rough spots to get through in the months ahead. Still, it’s soon enough to assess what has worked; what hasn’t, and what lies ahead for the pharma supply chain. There are lessons and a “new normal” that will have profound consequences in the years ahead.

In particular, we want to look at:

  1. How the early stages of supply chain preparation looked, and how anticipated problems were addressed.
  2. What parts of the overall supply chain process have performed well, and what weaknesses have persisted or not been resolved at all?
  3.  Post-pandemic, how will the pharma supply chain….”

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