Cold Chain Logistics Challenges

As the world’s top vaccine companies strive to quickly create safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, our team has kept pace with innovation in cold-chain solutions.  We stand ready to do our part in distribution of vaccines throughout the world. Our cold-chain and temperature-controlled packaging solutions can help in addressing challenges such as:

  • Multiple Temperature Requirements
  • Quick Engineered Solutions
  • Solutions available across the US
  • Reduction of environmental impact

Lifoam’s top rated cold-chain distribution products include:

ActiVault Line

The Envirocooler™ ActiVault™ is a parcel-sized active system engineered to improve the way temperature sensitive products are stored during transport. Ideal for sales representatives who manage samples, this active thermal container holds temperature at 4°C +/- 2 degrees against ISTA 7E.
The free piston stirling engine that powers the Envirocooler™ ActiVault™ has been proven to run continuously for more than three years in field testing. This innovative technology runs on only 40 watts of power, less than the average household light bulb.

Here’s how Lifoam products have helped supply chain professionals address each challenge:

  • Multiple Temperature Ranges

    The platforms used to create vaccines have various requirements for storage and distribution temperature requirements. Uncertain shipment sizes need flexible payloads and multiple sizes of options. Lifoam has increased the number of below -70C shipping solutions to support ultracold vaccines. In addition, Lifoam has introduced PCM-based solutions to hold below -20C without the use of dry ice for the mRNA vaccines. The prequalified 2-8C solutions are expanded to support refrigerated vaccines and test kits. The ActiVault line is available to support mobile vaccination events or provide additional storage capacity for frozen or refrigerated vaccines. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us for more options.
  • Engineered Solutions

    There are many situations where standard shipping solutions don’t fit the requirements and an engineered solution is needed. Lifoam has added engineering staff and testing equipment to ensure a fast turnaround in creating customized cold chain solutions. With two in-house test facilities and ISTA certification, we can quickly validate to your standards, or use thermal modeling to optimize a solution for cost and performance. Learn more about our technical support or contact us to discuss your ideal solution.
  • Nationwide Manufacturing

    The distribution of vaccines will be extensive,  leading many to look for standardized solutions available across the US. Having a supplier with manufacturing nearby, but also backup locations in case of emergencies, can reduce freight costs and reduce overall supply risk. With seven manufacturing sites across the US and contingency locations for all of our solutions, Lifoam is supporting our clients by adding capacity and distribution centers for fast response to surges in usage. Want to hear how this could lower your risk? Send us an email.
  • Sustainability

    Corporate sustainability goals don’t quarantine, so our clients are looking for how to use this opportunity to implement environmentally-friendly packaging where possible. A substitution from standard EPS to the Envirocooler-EVG biodegradable EPS from Lifoam can be an easy upgrade to improve sustainability without losing performance or introducing large changes to the packaging line. If you’d like to learn how others have made the upgrade, contact us and we’ll share their stories.

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Internal Response

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