Envirocooler™ Vacuum Insulated Panel Solutions

Envirocooler™ eVIP™ advanced technology and R-value of 50 combine to deliver superior thermal performance for today’s most demanding environments. The unique contoured panel design reduces the number of seams resulting in less heat transfer and a more efficient solution. The ¾” panel results in lighter weight and up to 35% freight savings when compared to traditional 1” panel solutions.

Envirocooler™ eVIP™ packaging solutions are ideal for :
  • 72-96 hour durations
  • 5L, 10L, 20L payloads
  • Domestic & international shipments
  • Refrigerated and Controlled Room Temperature
  • Return and reuse scenarios
  • The most extreme environmental conditions
Envirocooler™ eVIP™ packaging solutions physical properties and material characteristics :
  • Contoured, ¾” vacuum insulated panel with R-value of 50
  • Internal partition system features dedicated gel cavities making packout intuitive
  • Durable plastic outer corrugate features reverse logistics closure
  • Pre-certified to ISTA 7E
Envirocooler™ eVIP™ packaging solutions are available from all U.S. facilities and select international facilities.

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