Envirocooler™ ePUR™ C-186x Insulated Shipper


Envirocooler™ ePUR™ C-186x Insulated Shipper

Reduce the total delivered cost of temperature controlled packaging solutions and start saving today! Envirocooler™ ePUR™ is an innovative insulating packaging material which delivers a 30% higher R value and a 34% reduction in material density. It's a smarter, more cost effective, innovative packaging solutions.


Start saving today on cold chain packaging! Reduce your total delivered cost with Lifoam Life Sciences’ newest temperature controlled packaging featuring engineered PUR. Our Envirocooler™ ePUR™ parcel and pallet sized innovative packaging solutions feature a 30% higher R value and 34% reduction in material density when compared to traditional PUR thermal containers.

What can ePUR™ do for you?

  • Save on cold chain shipping by reducing outer dimensions and dimensional weight to achieve same temperature requirements and durations
  • Achieve longer durations without changing the internal payload capacity or outer dimensions. Longer duration could translate into thermal container freight savings if, for example, the longer duration allows you to extend from 2 day to 3 day shipping
  • Increase payload capacity with a more efficient material and higher R value
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