Envirocooler™ eVIP™ Insulated Packaging System


Envirocooler™ eVIP™ Insulated Packaging System

The hard-working Envirocooler™ eVIP™ insulated shipping containers feature an R value of 50, one of the highest in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Designed for reusability, this line of thermal containers is pre-certified to ISTA 7E and ready to work for your cold chain packaging needs.


The need for premium insulated shipping containers offering extended durations is on the rise. The superior performance of Envirocooler™ eVIP™ cold chain packaging solutions is powered by the contoured, slim line 3/4″ vacuum insulated panels featuring an R Value of 50. The contoured panels mean fewer seams and fewer components to manage during pack-out. The innovative internal partition system isolates the refrigerant from the payload making pack-out of the insulated container intuitive. The Envirocooler™ eVIP™ line consists of pre-certified insulated shipping containers in some of the most commonly used pharmaceutical packaging payload sizes and most widely needed pharmaceutical packaging durations, 72 and 96 hours.

Key features of Envirocooler™ eVIP™ solutions:

  • Vacuum Insulated Panel R value= 50
  • 5L, 10L, 20L payload capacity
  • 72 and 96 hour duration
  • Pre-certified to ISTA 7E
  • Reusable insulated shipping box
  • Universal and seasonal packaging solutions offered
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