About Us

Lifoam Life Sciences is a leader in the design of thermal packaging solutions. Our diverse capability in developing customized primary and secondary packaging as well as our delivery of off-the-shelf temperature controlled packaging solutions makes us an invaluable partner when it comes to cold chain management.Fueled by a deep passion for solving customer needs, we innovate using a rich pool of resources.

Integrating the global resources of our parent company and the ingenuity of our world-class design teams, we are able to offer the industry’s smartest packaging solutions. We are committed, as a holistic solutions provider, to partnering with our customers from the first mile through the last. Lifoam Life Sciences. Protecting lives.


At Lifoam Life Sciences, our vision is to be the world leader and trusted center of excellence for packaging of medical devices and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and biotech therapies.


At Lifoam Life Sciences, our mission is to earn the trust of our customers by engineering smart packaging solutions that are patient and practitioner friendly, eliminate risk, and reduce total cost; ultimately improving the lives of end patients and the world in which we live.

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