Looking for sustainable cold chain shipping solutions without sacrificing performance? Introducing Bioffex, our latest sustainable solution:

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Key Features:

  • Made of 100% biobased and renewable content – no petroleum
  • Industrial Compostable
  • ASTM D6400 Industrial Compostability testing – completely degraded in under 21 days
  • ASTM D5511 Bioreactive landfill testing – degraded over 90% in under 14 months
  • No microplastics
  • Comparable thermal performance to EPS
  • Available as hinged panels or molded containers
DescriptionWall ThicknessID Length (IN)ID Width (IN)ID Height (IN)OD Length (IN)OD Width (IN)OD Height (IN)
Panel Large-1" Wall1.
Panel Medium-1" Wall1.
Panel Large-1.5" Wall1.511.
Panel Medium-1.5" Wall1.
Molded Small1.
Molded Medium1.