Envirocooler™ ePUR™ Packaging Solutions

Engineered Polyurethane is an advanced form of polyurethane material used to create ultra-efficient, lower cost packaging solutions for high-value payloads. Start saving today! Envirocooler™ ePUR™ solutions have a 30% higher R-value and are 34% lighter than traditional PUR which can reduce your total delivered cost and help you achieve your productivity goals.

Envirocooler™ ePUR™ material characteristics enable :
  • Freight savings
    • Reduce outer dimensions and dimensional weight while achieving same duration
    • Extend duration while maintaining same payload capacity
  • Increase payload capacity
    • More efficient material means lower material density freeing up more internal payload space
Envirocooler™ ePUR™ packaging solutions are ideal for :
  • 60-96 hour durations
  • Domestic & international shipments
  • Refrigerated, Controlled Room Temperature, and Frozen temperatures
  • Parcel and pallet size payloads
  • More extreme environmental conditions
  • Short production lead times
Envirocooler™ ePUR™ packaging solutions physical properties and material characteristics :
  • 30% higher R-value
  • 34% lighter
  • CFC & HCFC free
  • High load bearing capacity
  • High tear and tensile properties
  • Versatile material creates opportunity for custom application
Envirocooler™ ePUR™ packaging solutions are available from all U.S. facilities but are manufactured in the following location :
  • Huntington Beach, CA

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