Mobile Vaccination Events

With mobile clinics and portable vaccine storage becoming more common, trustworthy vaccine storage has been a challenge.

The Envirocooler™ ActiVault™ offers different programmable temperature ranges, to ensure any requirement can be met.

Its portability makes it an ideal solution for remote events or curbside vaccination services. 

Reliability: the ActiVault™ will keep vaccines at the right temperature for as long as you need for your event

Security: the locking lid on the ActiVault™ keeps vaccines safe and secure

Consistency: the ActiVault™ 4C model can hold vaccines at 4C regardless of cold winters or hot summers, you won’t have to worry about weather conditions impacting your event

Improved Efficiency: the low power usage and flexibility to use AC or DC power means the Activault™ can be used just about anywhere

Space Saving: the small footprint of the ActiVault™ eliminates the need for a specialty vehicle to be used for your event

Lightweight: convenient to move the ActiVault™ from vehicle to the event and back again

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