Portable 4C Storage

Handling refrigerated products requires flexible solutions to create a safe and maintainable system.

The Envirocooler™ ActiVault™ can serve as a portable refrigerator and help establish a system for cold chain success.

Security: the locking lid on the ActiVault™ ensures the contents stay secure, even during shift breaks or overnight. It can also limit access to only approved personnel for critical materials.

Reliability: the ActiVault™ holds a consistent 4C setpoint to eliminate any mistakes in choosing the wrong temperature range.

Safety: Sending a refrigerated sample or medication and unsure about the dependability of the storage at the destination? Include the ActiVault™ and have it returned once the material is safely maintained.

Lightweight: convenient to move the ActiVault™ around your facility, or between locations.

Space Saving: the small footprint of the ActiVault™ fits compactly into your packaging line, within your laboratory, or inside your vehicle for transfers.

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