Sales Reps

The Envirocooler™ ActiVault™ works to simplify how sales representatives transport samples.

Improved Efficiency: Eliminates hassle of gel packs and home freezers, and can save sales reps up to 31 minutes per day in preparation time.

Flexibility: the ActiVault™ will maintain temperature in a vehicle for a full day of sales calls, even during late night meetings or overnight trips. Eliminate the daily deadline of getting the unused samples back to the refrigerator.

Security: the locking lid on the ActiVault™ keeps your samples secure.

Space Saving: the small footprint of the ActiVault™ leaves more room in your vehicle for everything else.

Robust Performance: whether the car temperature is as hot as +50C (122F) or as cold at -15C (5F), the ActiVault™ will keep their samples safe at 4C.

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