Propak™ Insulated Shipper


Propak™ Insulated Shipper

Propak™ and Envirocooler™ are leading brands of EPS insulated shipping containers used in cold chain management for the safe transport of temperature sensitive products. The extensive line of thick and thin walled shippers offers a broad range of cost-effective packaging solutions for your cold chain management needs.


Lifoam Life Sciences is a leading manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in the US, offering the only ISTA 7E certified insulated shipping containers in the world. Engineering and manufacturing innovative packaging solutions at the lowest delivered cost for customers is our top priority. Our trusted Propak™ and Envirocooler™ branded EPS packaging solutions are manufactured coast-to-coast in the US. Our network of strategic international partners makes servicing your global cold chain management needs convenient. Our comprehensive offering of hundreds of insulated foam containers makes finding an off-the-shelf solution easy. Should you need a unique solution, our team of custom packaging engineers and manufacturing specialists are here to help you through the entire process of creating a custom, validated packaging solution. Thermal modeling, rapid prototypes, testing and validation of all of our innovative packaging solutions are done in one of our Engineering Centers of Excellence.

EPS Packaging Solutions are ideal for:

  • Lightweight, economical needs
  • Short to mid-range durations: 24 to 72 hrs.
  • Domestic applications
  • Custom packaging
  • Temperature ranges: 2 to 8°C, 2 to 30°C, 10 to 25°C and 15 to 25°C
  • Parcel or pallet sized thermal containers
  • Seasonal or universal solutions
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